India has emerged as a global outsourcing hub due to the development and advancement in the BPO industry. Plenty of skilled talent in companies have made it possible to make the country a major outsourcing hotspot. However, hiring the right talent in the BPO industry is not easy, and requires a flawless onboarding process.

A smooth employee onboarding is necessary to get the right talent onboard, and to enhance the future of outsourcing. The HR department and management should ensure a seamless employee onboarding. Call centers and KPOs do not have a reasonable retention rate, and the onboarding process is to be blamed.

Challenges Faced in Employee Onboarding for the BPO Industry

Long-drawn Process – The employee onboarding process is elaborate, especially when the resumes of multiple candidates have to be checked in a short span. The traditional steps of collecting, submitting, and verifying documents is a time-consuming process and prone to errors. Therefore there is a delay in the process, and good candidates with high potential move on to better opportunities.

High Employee Turnover – Employee retention is difficult in the BPO industry, and employees tend to get exhausted by work. With the availability of multiple options, there is also a tendency in employees to change jobs frequently for quick salary raises. It results in frequent repetition of the onboarding process, which requires time, effort, and resources.

Compiling Documentation – After a candidate has cleared the interview, collecting all the documents and storing them becomes a tedious task. The lack of a concrete system for maintaining the documents can lead to a lapse in the HR audit trails.

To solve these problems, companies can resort to an online onboarding process.

Use Digital Onboarding to Counter the BPO Onboarding Challenges

To provide a seamless onboarding experience to an employee, businesses should develop smart onboarding mechanisms that are quick and accurate, and the data is stored effectively in an automated manner. Repute’s SmartOnBoard App is an easy answer for this complicated challenge.

SmartOnboard Process

Choosing the right candidate, collecting all their documents quickly, and verifying them to ensure authenticity, can be challenging. It takes time and effort, and despite that, can be very tedious. However, SmartOnboard ensures that an online onboarding process can be carried out, bringing in efficiency. Here is how employee onboarding can be automated, thereby reducing the risk of errors and saving time.

  • Rolling Out Offers Digitally

Relevant candidates, who have cleared the interview rounds, are sent offer letters digitally. With the assistance of the automated platform, you can send multiple offer letters to various candidates for different job titles, in under a few minutes. The offers can be customized in just a click and this rules out any scope of error. Manual rolling out of offers can result in errors. A candidate can view the offer on his device and accept, reject or negotiate on it, digitally.

  • Allays the Scope of Moonlighting and Ghosting

The SmartOnboard platform ensures that a candidate cannot receive offers from multiple companies simultaneously. It also assures the company that an employee joins the company after accepting the offer and does not ghost the organization for more lucrative offers. Blockchain technology prevents the candidate from engaging in dual employment, as it makes the hiring process transparent.

  • Convenient Exchange of Documents

Candidates can send their documents to an employer easily with SmartOnboard. Their documents such as identity proof, educational qualifications, past employment records, salary details, and so on can be uploaded on the platform through Digilocker. They can also be scanned and uploaded. The documents are passed on to the recruiter via the blockchain platform, and therefore there is no risk of fraud or tampering. Theft of documents or breaches of privacy can also be avoided. Companies can view the documents whenever required.

  • Conducting Pre-Employment Checks Instantly

Document verification has become easier with SmartOnboard. The documents can be verified automatically, right from the source, or from the Repute network, without waiting for prolonged periods. This helps in filling up vacancies in time and boosts productivity. Repute’s network allows authenticating documents directly from authentic, dependable sources, and therefore, the licenses, certificates, educational qualifications, work experience, employment records, court records, and background records can be done in minutes. Moreover, the manual verification process is time-consuming and requires undivided attention compared to the online onboarding process. In manual processes, errors might happen which could result in a loss for the company as the wrong candidates might be recruited.

  • Offers Financial Help

Employees can seek customized benefits from specialized apps, such as financial assistance, insurance services, renting and lending, from the SmartOnboard marketplace. Since the employee details are already available and verified, the process is much faster.  It contributes to a better employee experience and higher retention.

Repute’ professional employee onboarding assists you in conducting employee verification checks smoothly and efficiently. Businesses can make informed decisions without waiting for a long duration and hire the right talent. Organizations can save time and money and focus on more important tasks without wasting time checking the authenticity of resumes and support documents.

Thus, the challenges faced in hiring employees for the BPO industry can be countered with Repute’s SmartOnboard platform, making the online onboarding process more straightforward. The problem of storing vast amounts of information is also solved through blockchain technology.

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