Employee onboarding is a tedious process, and companies often find it challenging to onboard new employees smoothly. Companies have to handle selecting the right candidate, rolling out offer letters, and conducting pre-employment verification to ensure that they do not incur any losses due to the induction of an unsuitable employee into the company. Such procedures take long periods, and could take weeks to complete.

Smart employee onboarding can offer effective solutions to companies and provide a smooth employee onboarding process for the new employees that creates a lasting impression on them and increases retention rates. Employment verification services are now being delivered via digital solutions to companies and are a more efficient way to overcome the challenges faced while onboarding. Organisations can rest assured about their accuracy and efficiency as employment verification companies would help choose the right candidate for a particular job profile.

What is Employee Onboarding?

Employee onboarding is the process of introducing a new employee into the organisation. Employee onboarding allows businesses a competitive advantage over other companies as employees who experience a seamless onboarding process are likely to remain more loyal and truthful to the employer. The employee retention rate increases, leading to the company’s overall growth.

Employment verification companies automate the process of onboarding and reduce the expense of onboarding while increasing efficiency and eliminating errors. It is a pleasing experience both for the hiring companies and employees. Employment verification can ensure that the candidates selected can handle the assigned task. It is also beneficial for the candidates to obtain the offer quickly as soon as the verification process gets over and have a pleasant experience during the onboarding. Fast employee verification brings in a degree of certainty in the candidate’s mind, and distractions such as looking for better employment options or accepting more than one offer at a time, can be avoided. Employees feel welcome and show better productivity due to a better employee onboarding process.

Smart onboarding involves lesser paperwork, and manual processes are eliminated. The hiring company need not call up the HR department of the previous company and wait for unnecessary periods if the call is not answered for the verification process. The candidate’s documents are verified right at the source when employee verification services conduct the background checking.

Challenges Faced During the Employee Onboarding Process

Employee onboarding is a complicated procedure, but employee verification companies can understand the requirements and offer solutions to each problem. The challenges of onboarding are:

  • Customising an offer letter for different employees fulfilling different credentials. Sending offer letters manually implies there is a scope for mistakes, and an employee might get dissatisfied with the very first impression.
  • Organisations might face ghosting and moonlighting as there is no way to verify whether the selected candidate has accepted offers from multiple sources and is planning to accept the most lucrative offer. This way, companies suffer a loss in terms of money and time invested in hiring.
  • Verifying the candidates’ documents is a complex process as it depends upon the response of the previous company. Furthermore, there are chances of fraud as the documents can be tampered with. The process of sending over the documents is also tedious, and candidates may feel impatient during the process.

Employment verification services delivered digitally assist enterprises in alleviating these difficulties and help them to conduct a smooth onboarding.

Solutions Provided by SmartOnboard

Repute’s digital onboarding platform, known as SmartOnboard, address all the above mentioned challenges faced by employers as well as employees during onboarding. All the processes are handled smoothly and efficiently, and candidates are guided throughout the procedure to have a seamless experience.

  • Candidates are sent customized digital offers in a few clicks through the smart platform. There is no scope for mistakes as the process is automated, and businesses can speed up filling up vacancies. The time required to discharge tasks manually is reduced, and candidates can view and accept the offer on their devices conveniently.
  • The digital platform ensures that candidates cannot accept more than one offer and engage in the practices of ghosting and moonlighting. This ensures that the candidates join the organisation after accepting the offer. The hiring process is made clear and transparent, ensuring that companies can overcome the risk of being ghosted.
  • Candidates can send over the required documents such as their identity documents and background proofs, their experience, the previous salary slips, and the educational certificates by scanning and uploading them, or through Digilocker. The documents are instantly verified from the original data source, such as Vaahan or UIDAI, or even the Repute Network itself. Repute has a blockchain network connecting thousands of companies, making the verification process more manageable. There is no scope for error which was the case in manual checking, and a lot of time is saved. Moreover, there are no security issues as the data is present on the blockchain and can be accessed by only those who have permission to access it. The chance of fraud is eliminated.
  • Employees can also seek value added services such as instant loans and insurance through the smart platform via a bunch of useful apps available on the Repute Marketplace.

Repute is one of the best professional employment verification companies and understands the need for a seamless onboarding process. It assists companies in automating the whole onboarding process, thereby saving time and energy. Also, businesses can increase accuracy in their hiring efforts through SmartOnboard.



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