Employment verification is verifying the past employment records of an employee with the previous companies, apart from his identity information. A candidate’s history can provide insights into his behaviour in the workplace, his loyalty to the company, his job experience and stability. It can be a tedious process for companies to go through background checks for every employee, and thus, hiring professional employment verification companies is the best solution.

It is a significant part of onboarding, as candidates often mention fake and false information in their resumes. Such information includes incorrect tenure of employment with the previous employer, exaggerated salary details and wrong job titles to secure better opportunities. With proper verification, employers can have every detail, and therefore they can be assured that they are hiring a capable employee who can significantly contribute to business growth. Hiring an inefficient employee leads to losses in terms of money and time.

Things to Consider for a Smooth Employee Verification Process

Some significant points that you should keep in mind during the verification process are as follows:

  • Always Furnish Accurate Data to the New Employer

The information that candidates provide to a prospective employer plays a crucial role in employment verification. Every single detail that you provide is checked by employment verification services and used in the verification process. Thus you should provide accurate information about your work experience, job title and job role, last drawn salary, contact details of the past employer and the reporting manager, and the reasons for leaving. Problems may arise if you try to misguide the employer with inaccurate information.

If you provide wrong information to an employer, your integrity will be questioned, and you might lose the job opportunity. There may be cases when you took a break in your career for the right reasons. You should provide the correct information and not give false information as it might negatively impact your assessment. Similarly, tell the employer correctly what your previous salary was and justify your expectation for a hike by proving your skills.

  • Abide by the Policies

Policies are implemented so that proper understanding and decorum is maintained among everyone. But, when you are working in a company, you may drift away from the policies and not assure your availability, take leaves often, and not abide by the processes. You may feel that this is not important, but it will matter when you join a new company that is strict with these, and they will obtain this information through employment verification companies. No company hires someone who does not have the essential quality of following basic rules and regulations.

  • Know the Terms and Conditions of Employment

During joining, people often do not carefully go through the documents provided to them and agree to sign every document. This practice should be avoided, and you must read every document you sign. If you have any questions, you can get clarifications from the SPOC. Make sure you have a copy for yourself as well for future reference. You should be informed about the conditions of employment and abide by them. Companies these days attach a lot of importance to harassment, IT security, code of conduct, diversity and inclusion. If you take these lightly, you might face trouble when employment verification services find any discrepancy.

  • Maintain a Good Relationship with Everyone

If you misbehave in the workplace, it will reflect in your employment verification and may cause you to lose prospective opportunities even after many years. You should try and maintain a good relationship with everyone. How you communicate with your seniors and peers shows the kind of person you are. No company hires someone with bad behaviour and who gets into frequent conflicts. A polite person is always preferred. You cannot flourish if you cannot behave properly. Employment verification services would quickly identify any records of misconduct in your work life.

  • Never Breach the Employment Contract

All the organizations ask employees to sign a contract upon joining, which covers specific clauses related to the company’s interest. As an employee, you should clearly understand the conditions of your employment and your job role, and if something is against the contract, you should inform the company.

Types of Employment Verification

Companies conduct different types of verification depending upon the kind of organization they are. Candidates may expect all or some of the below-mentioned verification processes from employment verification companies.

  • Employment History – It is a verification that almost every company undertakes. It includes checking the last drawn salary, total duration in the previous company, job title and responsibilities, and reasons for change.
  • Contacting References – Some businesses contact references to ensure that the candidate has proper eligibility and capability to handle the job roles assigned to them. Furthermore, information is collected regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate to judge whether the candidate is suitable for the selected role.
  • Educational Verification – Some employers emphasize educational verification as the role being hired for demands a certain kind of qualification. The original mark sheets of all the important examinations have to be presented for verification. For freshers, it is essential as companies hire based on the marks obtained.
  • Criminal Verification – Employers who deal in security and related products, as well as financial services, might get criminal verification of candidates done. It checks any record for criminal activity.
  • Address Verification – Few employers may conduct address verification to ensure that the candidate has provided the correct contact data.

Repute is one of the top employment verification companies that helps companies to conduct seamless employee verification. It ensures that suitable candidates are selected so that the company does not face any problems after the new employee has joined.



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