After joining a company, employees expect an employee onboarding process that is smooth and seamless. Otherwise, they can feel left out if they do not get the correct information and enthusiasm they deserve after they accept the employment offer. This can lead to a substandard onboarding experience, and employees might leave the company within a few days as they might feel unwanted. It hampers productivity and company growth, and the HR team would have to go through the hiring process frequently as the retention rate does not stabilize due to an unimpressive onboarding.

Companies should improve their employee onboarding to improve the retention rate and enhance job satisfaction and productivity.

What is an Employee Onboarding Process?

Employee onboarding is the process of induction of new employees into an organization. Every step of the onboarding process should be easy and convenient for an employee. From receiving the company’s offer to the date of joining, it should be a smooth experience, and an employee should not face any issues.

A proper employee onboarding process can systematically transform a potential candidate into an efficient, engaged and productive employee. Companies can make the process quick and efficient by carefully planning the onboarding process and implementing smart techniques and automation. A bad onboarding experience might lead to high employee turnover.

Steps of Employee Onboarding Process

Employee onboarding requires well-documented processes, and companies should integrate a smart onboarding platform into their system for smoother and faster onboarding.

1. Digital Offer Letters

After clearing the interview round, the candidate is sent a customized offer letter which forms the organization’s first impression on the candidate. The offer letter should be appealing and should not contain any mistakes. Repute offers companies a SmartOnboard platform that assists in generating customized offer letters in just a few clicks. The offer letter can be sent to candidates digitally, who can view it on their devices and extend their acceptance or refusal, or even negotiate, digitally. HR teams can save time and send numerous offer letters to multiple candidates for different job titles, in under a few minutes.

2. No-Risk of Moonlighting and Ghosting

A candidate cannot accept offers from multiple companies. Companies can rest assured that they can avoid the risk of an employee moonlighting and ghosting them with the SmartOnboard platform. The Repute blockchain network connecting thousands of companies can quickly identify if any candidate is indulging in dual employment practice. The platform makes the hiring process transparent and ensures that the candidate joins the company after accepting the offer.

3. Convenient Exchange of Documents

Sending identity documents and other details to the hiring company can be a difficult and time-consuming task. The process of sending the documents is made easier by the SmartOnboard platform. Candidates can upload the required documents on the platform by scanning the documents through Digilocker, or uploading them digitally. The HR team can view the documents from the platform whenever required.

4. Conducting Error-free Pre-Employment Verification

The background verification can be done efficiently without waiting for prolonged periods. Earlier, the previous employer was contacted through a phone call or email, to verify the details mentioned by the candidate regarding the previous employment history. It involved waiting for long periods, as the phone calls might not be answered, resulting in a delay in hiring.

With the SmartOnboard platform, documents can be verified in a few clicks. The documents are verified directly from trusted sources, and the Repute network connects multiple companies on a blockchain network. The certificates, licenses, past employment records, court records, work history, educational qualifications, and other things can be authenticated directly from the source. Verifying information manually can take a lot of time, and the HR team might make errors while going through the same monotonous daily task. Automating the task reduces the risk of errors, and the company can ensure that the right candidate is hired. The scope of employee fraud is also eliminated.

5. Financial Help During the Employment Tenure

Employees can take financial help and other benefits via a bouquet of benefits apps on the SmartOnboard platform. Since employee details are already and verified on the platform, delivery of these facilities to employees is faster as well. Such customized benefits extended to employees elevates the company’s reputation, and leads to a stellar employee experience.

Repute is a professional organization assisting companies in providing candidates with a smooth and swift employee onboarding process. The Repute Talent Market Network makes it easy to share and verify information easily. Vacancies can be filled up quickly by making well-informed decisions. Companies can save time and effort by onboarding the right talent, thus ensuring that the efficiency and productivity of the company increases. The company’s HR department can focus on other significant jobs that require their time and effort. The blockchain network keeps employees’ data safe and secure and avoids any scope of fraud. SmartOnboard is one of the best onboarding software platforms that ensures error-free background verification and seamless onboarding.

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