It is essential to conduct a thorough employment verification check of employees before recruiting them to ensure that an inefficient candidate or dishonest candidate is not hired. Bad hires can not only lead to losses but also tarnish the company’s reputation. It is better to wait for an ideal candidate than recruit anyone in a hurry.

An employer’s job does not end after conducting the interview and sending the offer letter. An employer should follow through with a seamless onboarding process, making a good impression on the new employee.

Why is the Onboarding Process Necessary?

Employees expect a smooth onboarding from companies without facing any hassle or trouble. A seamless onboarding enhances the company’s reputation and helps to improve the retention rate of the new hires. According to some studies, employees who went through a well-organized onboarding were about 69% more likely to have an optimistic view of the company and remain onboard for more than three years. Companies that have a proper onboarding system successfully retain 95% of their employees compared to those who do not have one.

However, employee onboarding is not an easy process, and it is easier said than done. Businesses can ensure a smooth onboarding process with assistance from employment verification companies.

Ways of Improving HR Onboarding

Here are some tips to improve your HR onboarding process:

  1. Making a Great First Impression

People form opinions about things within a fraction of a second, and making an excellent first impression on employees is essential for employee retention. The best way to make a fantastic impression is to organize a proper onboarding, eliminating any issue that an employee might be facing. Your business should ensure that they present themselves as doing something superior, and associating with them would be advantageous. This makes an employee choose your business over any other.

An easy way of staying organized is to digitize paperwork and store information on a network or cloud. You should constantly keep in touch with the new employee throughout the onboarding process and ensure that they feel welcomed.

2.  Don’t Confuse Orientation with Onboarding.

Onboarding and orientation are two vastly different things, and both play an influential role in employee retention. Orientation is concerned with acquainting an employee with the company’s values, goals and culture, workplace safety, time off, pay procedure, benefits, administrative policies, and more. Onboarding includes the process of orientation and goes on for three to six months, involving the paperwork during orientation.

3. Automate Processes

Onboarding is a long and tedious process and always keeps the HR department preoccupied. To minimize the time and reduce the scope of errors, companies should automate the process whenever possible. Employment verification companies of today use digital systems to provide smart platforms that automate the onboarding process. Companies can cut down costs by automating the onboarding process. A lot of time is wasted going through resumes manually and then uploading the information on submitted documents, verifying it, and creating employee profiles.

However, with automated processes, the verification documents can be collected and authenticated easily, and even offer letters can be customized conveniently. Repute’s Open Talent Network automates employment verification checks with its SmartOnboard platform. Candidates can send their documents by scanning and uploading them or through Digilocker. The platform connects thousands of companies on a blockchain network, allowing employee documents to be verified right at the source. New hires can have a smooth experience through the automated process.

4. Cut Paper By Digitalization

A significant amount of the onboarding process can be digitized, thereby reducing paper waste. You should search for talent online as today, most people interact digitally, and online communication has gained more momentum than in-person communication. Digitalization also reduces the scope of manual errors and reduces the risk of fraud.

5. Share Documents Conveniently

Businesses usually have a cumbersome process for onboarding which involves long waiting times for entering data manually, and the process is elongated for days. Scanning and capturing data through software reduces the stress and quickens the process of onboarding. A software platform can copy and scan information much faster and collect, comprehend and categorize information in a short span.

Candidates can scan and upload the documents or do it through Digilocker in the SmartOnboard platform. Scanning documents also reduces the scope of manual errors and frauds, and the scanned documents are then verified.

6. Digitize Important Documents

There has been a massive change in the workplace since the advent of computers. Digitization of documents has become necessary as you can access data whenever you want to and need not go through stacks of paper to find out what you are looking for. New hires also want important information digitized for them. You can easily digitize documents by scanning a paper, saving it as a PDF, and uploading it to the cloud. Thus, anyone having access can access them remotely whenever they want to. Digitization of documents may take some time but always has a positive impact.

Wrapping Up

Switching from a traditional and manual onboarding process to an automated process involving modern software might seem challenging. However, companies should make the switch to ensure a smooth and seamless onboarding. Employment verification checks can be conducted efficiently and without errors, thus ensuring that a suitable candidate is hired.

Companies can seek assistance from employment verification companies. Repute’s Offer Manager allows HR teams to send customized offer letters, track offer acceptance, and even negotiate with candidates digitally. The SmartOnboard platform automates the employee onboarding along with automating the background verification process. New hires can upload their documents on the platform, which get authenticated from reliable sources within minutes as the Repute Network connects thousands of companies on a blockchain platform. This quickens the process of onboarding and makes the process error-free.

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