Employee onboarding is a tedious process for both companies and employees alike. The long waiting times can make both parties impatient. And finally, after wasting a lot of time, there may not be any fruitful result. The hiring may not close successfully, and the whole process is rendered fruitless.

An employee onboarding process should be smooth and should be a pleasant experience for the new employee. A successful onboarding will allow businesses to have a positive impact on an employee, and this in turn will increase the offer acceptance rate.

What is the Employee Onboarding Process?

Employee onboarding is the process of successfully integrating new hires into the company. The new employee should not face any issues during the HR onboarding, and every step of the process should be convenient for the employee.

Right from receiving the offer letter to submitting the required documents to the date of joining, the employee should have a seamless experience. Companies should aim at providing employees with a satisfactory experience while making them feel welcome.

A smart, tech-powered onboarding process makes HR onboarding accurate and quick. The scope for any error is eliminated, and employee data collected is stored safely and securely. Repute enables professional talent onboarding through our App- SmartOnboard. Via a digital link, HR teams can collect identity and background data from new hires, and have them automatically verified from trusted data sources such as UIDAI, as well as the Repute Talent Network, in a few minutes. This saves hours of manual work for HR teams, and makes an employee’s integration into the organization breezy and fast.

The Process of Employee Onboarding

Companies need to hire new employees every once in a while, and it gets challenging when numerous employees have to be hired simultaneously. Selecting the right candidates and verifying documents at the same time can be demanding.

The employee onboarding process involves rolling out offers to candidates and making sure that a candidate accepts offers from only one company. The collection of documents and the consequent verification process takes place next. Both these steps can be taken care of with Repute’s OfferRight and SmartOnboard Apps. Our platform is a boon for both the companies and the employees. It makes complex processes such as these, convenient for both parties.

Digital Offer Letters

In the first step, suitable candidates are sent out offers digitally via Repute’s OfferRight App. After the interview process has been conducted successfully and a candidate is shortlisted, offers are customised according to the profile of the candidate and rolled out digitally. The OfferRight platform ensures that you can send out multiple offer letters to numerous candidates for different job roles. It saves time while eliminating manual tasks and the scope of error. All this can be achieved in only a few clicks. Employees can accept the offer online and send a signed copy.

Avoiding the Risk of Moonlighting and Ghosting

An employee cannot moonlight or ghost a company after accepting the offer via the OfferRight App. The tool prevents employees from accepting offers from multiple companies. This ensures that the employee joins the company after agreeing to the offer.

Documents can be Exchanged, Conveniently

Sending documents to a company has not been easy in the past. Now employees can upload the documents that have been asked of them on the SmartOnboard platform. Candidates can either use Digilocker to upload the documents or scan and upload the documents. Businesses can view the documents digitally whenever needed. Such a smooth process of document submission allows for a smooth employee onboarding process.

Conducting Pre-Employment Checks Instantly

The document verification process and background checks are done immediately without having to wait for prolonged periods. The documents are verified from trusted data sources like UIDAI, or within the Repute network in which multiple companies are interconnected through blockchain technology.

What’s more, the employee’s educational qualifications, certificates, licenses, past employment records, work experience, income and background history, court records, and other things can be authenticated from reliable sources as well. Manually verifying the information is time-consuming and often leads to errors, which can be avoided by automating the task. Since all this data is available and interconnected via blockchain, there is no scope for fraud. The documents can be verified in just a few clicks, making the process easy.

Provides Financial Help

Employees can avail of financial and other benefits from the company, using Repute’s Marketplace Apps. They can obtain loans and insurance from within the same digital platform. Providing financial assistance to employees makes for a good employee experience and helps in talent retention.

About Repute

Repute is a blockchain-based talent network that helps you conduct a swift and pleasing employee onboarding process. Its open network connects thousands of companies, making sharing and verification of critical employee information easier. Companies can make well-informed decisions and fill up vacancies quickly, and save time, money and energy via increased efficiencies. Repute ensures that all the documents you receive from new hires are authentic, leading to an error-free hiring process. Moreover, the personal data of employees is also safe, as it is stored on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with. Automating the employee onboarding process provides a pleasing experience for the incoming employees, and ultimately increases employee retention rates.

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