Employee onboarding can be a difficult task for companies to handle by themselves. It involves manual processes, right from rolling out offers to document collection and verification and background checks of past work experience. This makes onboarding a difficult and long-drawn process, and candidates and the HR manager have to wait for uncertain periods that could extend from a few days to weeks before the candidate is finally able to join.

Smart employee onboarding can solve this problem and provides companies with solutions to make the recruitment process faster and smoother. Repute’s network caters to an organization’s end-to-end hiring needs, right from offer rollouts to document collection and verification, and conducting pre-employment checks, all from a single app, and helps you onboard the right candidate.

What is Onboarding?

Employee onboarding is a stage in the employee life cycle that involves getting the chosen candidate to join the organization’s ecosystem smoothly. The correct onboarding platform allows businesses to function fast in a dynamic business environment. Most organizations recognise the need for smooth onboarding yet struggle with tedious processes that make the experience rather slow and unpleasant.

Smart employee onboarding allows companies to save time and reduce the cost of onboarding and increases overall productivity and accuracy in hiring. Smart onboarding automates every stage of the talent onboarding process. It enhances the experience of the new hires as well as the recruiters by conducting the entire onboarding process digitally. As incoming employees are wowed by their welcome into their new employer, they feel more engaged, are likely to perform better, and this, in turn, improves employee retention.

Smart onboarding ensures that the paperwork for the new hires, pre-employment checks and background checks, and other pre-employment criteria are fulfilled efficiently. Candidates are guided throughout the process via an intuitive app so that they do not find any difficulty in using the portal.

What does Repute SmartOnboard Do for Your HR Teams?

Your workforce is the key to your organization’s growth and success. The applications used to find and onboard talent either push your organization forward or slow it down. Repute helps you build a smart workforce by modifying how you attract, interact and hire employees. Reach out to the best talent and create a seamless employee onboarding. Make informed decisions based on data on Repute’s network. Share information conveniently on the platform between the company and employees. SmartOnboard can help with the following:

  1. It helps HR teams roll out offers digitally in a few clicks.Your business gets an edge over the competition with a completely automated solution for rolling out personalized digital offer letters in time, with accurate information. Our innovative and scalable offer management helps improve precision and efficiency. You can meet your business demands quickly by speeding up the process of sending offers.
  2. Digital offers allow candidates to review and accept the offers online on any gadget they are using. The candidate can digitally sign the offer, and do not have to waste any time on manual processes.
  3.  Our talent network makes sure that the candidate cannot accept other offers, after accepting the offer letter from the company in question. Companies can allay the unpredictability of hiring by making the process clear and transparent.
  4. It collects identity documents from the selected candidates digitally via a link in a few minutes. For processing the application,   are required, such as educational certificates, ID proofs like Aadhaar and PAN. The candidate can upload the documents through Digilocker or scan and upload the documents. These documents are received on the digital platform. P of the earlier employers can be fetched by HR managers too, from our Network partners directly, without any manual interventions.
  5. It automatically verifies these submitted documents from the most trusted data sources, such as UIDAI, and from within the Repute Network. The documents need not be verified manually by the HR department. Manual reviews always leave the scope for error and fraud, and take a long time. Repute connects thousands of organizations on a single network, and data is shared via blockchain between organizations, making the authentication process easier.
  6. It provides seamless and accurate background checks that can be completed within minutes. Efficient pre-employment checks can be conducted in just a single click. It reduces the scope of tampering with documents which was the case with the traditional method of manual checking. Repute’s network guarantees authentication at the source of documents within a few seconds. Identity verification and educational and background checks, such as court records, address verification, work experience, and so on can be conducted securely and quickly. It significantly reduces identity fraud which can assist your company in avoiding losses by hiring the wrong candidate.

All the manual processes for getting an employee onboard are automated, and made 100% accurate, which improves productivity and reduces the risk of any error. SmartOnboard helps smooth employee onboarding while conducting pre-employment checks in a trouble-free and efficient manner. It also reduces the need for paperwork, thereby making the hiring process quicker. Data remains secure, and there is no scope for theft and breach of privacy.

In Conclusion

Repute’s talent network provides organizations with reliable infrastructure for delivering an excellent employee experience. This is done by combining a smooth employee onboarding process, with superior engagement opportunities over the entire talent lifecycle-

  1. Automating the whole onboarding process saves time, money and energy and allows HR managers to focus on more significant tasks. It also brings in the advantage of unparalleled accuracy in onboarding.
  2. Employee experience can be enhanced by additional features of the Repute ecosystem, such as renting and lending, which helps employees in times of need. Employees have access to financial and other customized benefits such as insurance, instant loans, etc., within their HRMS portal. This builds loyalty and helps employers improve their employee retention rates.

Reach us today to learn more about our SmartOnboard App and the Repute Network. 


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