Candidates applying for a job must undergo a background check by employers before formally receiving the offer letter. In the background verification process, an employee’s record is checked to understand whether the information provided by a candidate on the resume matches the records of the previous companies they have worked for. An applicant’s credit report and criminal reports are checked, along with the educational qualifications and past employment records. Employees should be truthful during the job application process, as dishonesty can be very damaging when discovered during background checks. To help companies with the process of employment verification, employment verification companies conduct background checks efficiently, which helps recruiters save time and increase efficiency.

Many candidates indulge in adverse practices and make false claims while applying for a job to secure good opportunities. They exaggerate their job responsibilities and titles. This can be injurious to companies if they hire candidates who engage in dishonest practices and lack the proper skills needed for a role. Resumes often contain false information, and companies may suffer in terms of time and money, by hiring the wrong candidate. The growth and productivity of an enterprise can also be hampered. Therefore, a company must undergo employment verification before hiring a candidate.

What Is an Employment Background Check?

An employment background check verifies the details a candidate has claimed on his resume. What is included in the verification process is decided between employers and employment verification companies. Companies can get valuable insights regarding a candidate’s conduct and professional ability through employment verification in India. Organizations can contact professional employment verification companies to conduct timely and accurate background checks.

Things Considered During Background Checks

Criminal Records

Employment verification in India includes checking the state, national or local criminal records to analyze a candidate’s criminal history. Applicants’ names are entered into a database, or fingerprints are taken digitally for verification. Government enterprises can also access the FBI or other global databases. The company has the right to decide the disqualification criteria, and it also depends upon the job role and position. For example, if someone is convicted of a crime related to theft, it might be a disqualifying factor for handling cash. Certain employers are lenient if the conviction happened a long time back and a candidate is not recently convicted of any crime.

Credit Reports

The financial responsibility of an employee can be judged from his/her credit reports. For financial job roles or positions that require handling cash, employers need to ensure that a candidate has no previous history of high credit and defaults, which may be harmful to the company as there is a risk of employees stealing money from the company. Some employers analyze the behavior and moral values from the credit report. Numerous late payments may be a concern as they negatively impact a candidate.

Former Employers

Employers also verify an applicant’s previous employment records. There are primarily two reasons for verification, checking the integrity of the employment application and ensuring that a candidate has not lied about his job title and abilities. Potential employers contact the previous employers for information about the applicant’s job duties, reasons for leaving, salary details, and dates of employment and match it against the information mentioned on the resume. This ensures that a candidate has not lied or exaggerated his job roles and responsibilities. An employer also asks if the applicant has had any disciplinary issues in the workplace during his term of employment. Employment verification companies authenticate the previous employment records digitally and help save a lot of time and reduce the scope of errors.

Education Records

The employer cannot access education records without taking prior consent from the applicant. Employers may want to see the applicant’s marksheets, attendance records, transcripts, and qualifications. It ensures that a candidate can handle the position assigned to him and confirms that the qualifications match the resume.

Medical Records and Compensation Records of Workers

Medical records are not conditioned to disclosure, but some employers may need employees to get a medical evaluation done before hiring. Worker’s compensation records can be released. However, an employer cannot refuse to appoint a candidate because of the compensation claimed by the worker. But, a candidate may be refused to be employed if he has lied during the application process by not mentioning the previous worker’s compensation claim.

Internet Information

In some cases, employment verification in India includes internet searches of potential candidates to detect any damaging or embarrassing incidents about the applicant. Employers may check forums, blogs, social media sites, and other web-based information to judge whether a candidate is suitable for the company. Employment verification companies may use the internet to confirm the claims put forth by a candidate about his experience and qualifications. Any negative information may result in the withdrawal of the job offer by an employer.

How Repute can help

Repute’s SmartOnboard platform uses blockchain technology to help companies enhance the process of talent onboarding and allows for precise background checks, in a matter of a few minutes. It leaves no scope for mistakes, and companies can rest assured that the candidates they are hiring are authentic, and stay true to their claims in the interview and screening process. This is done by connecting thousands of organizations, employees and HRMS platforms on to an open network, and accessing employee data and verifying it directly from the most dependable data source.

Repute does the employee verification while the company’s HR teams can attend to more critical tasks that require their expertise and attention. It’s a win-win for everyone!


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