According to the survey conducted by IBEF, the Indian Healthcare industry is set to reach US$ 372 billion by 2022. Growing urban populations, lifestyle changes, awareness of healthcare, and better access to insurance all contribute to rapid growth. Why do employee background checks in healthcare take a back seat despite such growth? In addition to being one of India’s fastest-growing industries, the healthcare sector is highly regulated. This is because health professionals are recognized as caregivers, and they are primarily responsible for their patients’ health, safety, and privacy. As the demand for healthcare rises, so does the need for genuine healthcare experts who are certified, highly well trained, and capable of delivering high-quality care to patients.

Employee background checks for all new candidates are necessary for healthcare organizations. This assists companies in determining whether a candidate is an appropriate match for the position or not.

 The Need for Background Checks in Healthcare

  • To Prevent Fraud & Malpractice

In the healthcare industry, malpractice and fraud are constant problems. Fraud can be committed in different stages and components of healthcare: hospitals, doctors, nurses, diagnostics, pharmacies, drug testing, drug standardization, clinical trials, and medicine invention. Several things might go horribly wrong due to staff negligence and potentially pose risks to patient health. Before hiring new applicants, all healthcare organizations should conduct comprehensive background checks when patient care is at stake.

  • To Create a Safe Work Environment

Health practitioners have direct contact with many patients, and practitioners with malicious intentions may use their position to harm vulnerable patients such as children and older people. On the other hand, running complete employee background checks can help protect and ensure the safety of your patients.

A healthcare background check identifies individuals who have been sanctioned or subjected to various disciplinary actions, which could jeopardize your medical business if your firm is sued for malpractice. Employee background checks in the healthcare industry can help you avoid hiring someone with a history of disciplinary actions and criminal convictions, putting your firm at risk.

  • To Ensure Safety for Clients

Healthcare workers are generally aware of their patients’ personal data and medical history, which is sensitive data kept private for each patient. Employees with questionable motives may use such information for personal benefits. Background verification companies verify that every candidate your organization hires is trustworthy and has a good track record.

Competent practitioners always treat their patients respectfully and provide top-notch care.

Types of Background Checks for Medical Professionals

  • Identity Verification Check

Identity checks ensure that your candidate is not providing wrong information about their identity. This part of the background check also determines whether the rest of your potential employee’s information is accurate. An identity verification ensures that background screening is aimed at the correct person and not someone with the same name.

  • Professional License Verification

Healthcare organizations must check that a candidate is not exaggerating their credentials. A professional license verification procedure ensures that your potential new hire has the required licenses to work successfully and ethically. A healthcare license is more than a set of credentials. Your organization may face substantial legal penalties if you hire someone without the proper license by mistake, including negligent hiring lawsuits.

Moreover, one of the most important background checks for medical practitioners is professional license verification. This step of the screening process will also reveal any restrictions on a candidate’s license, which is vital information to verify before selecting them.

  • Employment and Education Verification

A successful medical profession requires a significant list of qualifications and certifications, many of which are based on previous jobs and experiences. Verification of employment and education helps ensure that candidates do not falsify their documents or certificates. It’s easy to mention a prestigious medical degree on a résumé, but the verification procedure ensures that candidates state the truth about their education, training, and work experience.

  • Drug Screening/Testing

Drug testing is generally included in background checks for healthcare personnel, as health practitioners frequently have access to some of the most powerful medications available. Pre-employment drug testing and post-hire screenings protect the safety of your patients and help prevent drug misuse.

One of the most challenging, respectable, and essential professions is healthcare or a medical career. When it comes to hiring new staff, you want the best of the best. Your organization should be staffed with qualified, responsible, and trustworthy medical experts. Background checks are an essential aspect of the healthcare business for this reason. To maintain security and conduct employee background checks for your healthcare organization, join the Repute Network!

How Can Repute aid in Conducting Efficient Employee Background Checks?

Repute’s SmarOnboard provides a seamless employee background check process and assists companies in conducting screenings swiftly and without error. The selected candidates can upload their documents directly on the SmartOnboard platform through Digilocker or scan or upload the documents. These documents are authenticated directly from the data source in a few clicks.

The Repute network connects thousands of companies, data sources and individuals on a blockchain network. The various documents such as licenses, identity and address proofs, past conduct, civil and court records, previous employment records, educational qualifications, and other documents can be verified from government sources. As the documents are verified from the blockchain network and the process is automated, there is no scope for fraud or mistakes. Moreover, the time can be drastically reduced while increasing efficiency.

The SmartOnboard platform allows the HR departments to focus on more important jobs rather than going through numerous resumes to check their authenticity. The healthcare sector should engage professional companies such as Repute for conducting employee background checks.

Count on us for all your background checks to protect your business and reputation. Our platform authenticates a candidate’s data at its source using blockchain technology.


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