Retail companies go through a tough time when it comes to hiring employees. Most employees usually have direct access to money, customers, and the shelves’ products. Companies run the risk of employee theft, and therefore employee verification becomes significant in retail.

Employee theft can occur in any sector or industry, but it is more frequent in the retail sector. However, background verification companies in India provide efficient and reliable background checks that can mitigate this risk.

Challenges Faced

For retail companies, cash flow, inventory, and operations management require tremendous time and energy. With a single bad employee, there can be a problem of stolen products, bad image, lost customers, and lost time. It is essential to develop an efficient, effective and reliable screening solution depending on your needs. You should hire a professional background verification company that provides a suitable solution for every problem.

With shopping habits being driven by significant digital transformation, more shoppers are using their debit and credit cards. Payment information is also shared through UPI. A breach in information at this stage can tarnish your business reputation and your business could become known for unreliable services. Hence, the retail sector should focus on hiring honest and trustworthy people who are efficient at the same time.

How Can Background Screening Help the Retail Companies?

Background screening is the process of verifying the credentials of a potential employee. The information mentioned on the resume is verified to be true. Everything related to the candidate’s past job experiences, roles and responsibilities, educational qualifications, identity, reasons for leaving, salary details, conduct, credit scores, civil records, and other relevant information is checked. It is a common malpractice among candidates to provide false and misleading information on their resumes to grab lucrative job opportunities.

By running employment verification checks, retail companies can prevent recruiting someone who may threaten the workplace environment and impose threats. Hiring someone inefficient and dishonest can hamper company growth and lead to a loss for the company in terms of time and money invested in hiring.

Listed below are some risks that companies can avoid by hiring an employment verification company in India.

  • Conspiracy to compromise on standards
  • Harassment
  • Sexual Assault
  • Fraud
  • Drug dealing
  • Kidnapping
  • Influencing minors with drugs or alcohol

Advanced technology can assist in carrying out background checks easily, quickly and thoroughly, and retail companies can make well-informed decisions to hire deserving candidates.

What Aspects are Checked During the Employment Verification Process in the Retail Sector?

Employee verification checks include the following:

  • Past Employment Record – This is checked to ensure that the applicant has not exaggerated his past experiences and employers of the previous company are contacted to verify the job roles, responsibilities, and title. A candidate’s strengths and weaknesses can be known, and information is also extracted about the last salary drawn and the reasons for leaving.
  • Educational Qualification – This check ensures that the candidate has not lied about his degrees and qualifications. The certificates submitted are scrutinized to check their authenticity.
  • Professional License – Many candidates produce false certificates and licenses. They should be thoroughly checked to ensure authenticity.
  • Criminal Records – Most companies check candidates’ criminal records in the court records. This ensures that the business is not exposed to any threat from an employee. Workers in the retail sector have direct access to money and products, and therefore strict security measures should be taken to ensure that the right candidates are hired. Workers are checked for any instance of theft, embezzlement, fraud, and even for breaking the code of conduct. Individual companies would decide what the limitations are.
  • Address Verification – Many companies conduct address verifications as well.
  • Drug Abuse – Candidates are screened for drug abuse so that the company doesn’t have to face any adverse situations in the future. It can negatively affect the workplace environment, and candidates may misbehave during work hours if they are addicts.
  • Credit Score Check – This score shows a candidate’s financial activities, such as whether he/she has repaid any loans taken in time. This check is essential for people required to handle financial affairs for companies.

What’s Needed to Run a Background Check?

For conducting a pre-employment background check, companies need the candidate’s full name, date of birth, identity documents, and current and past address. HR departments of companies might find it difficult and hectic to verify the resumes of multiple candidates. Therefore, it is best to hire professional background verification companies as they automate the whole verification process, thereby eliminating any scope of risk and making the process faster.

Repute automates employee background checks through its open talent network. After candidates have cleared their interview round successfully, they are asked to send their documents for verification. Candidates can upload their documents on the Repute SmartOnboard platform through Digilocker or scan and upload the documents. These documents get verified directly from trusted data sources. The authentication process can be done in a few clicks. Repute connects thousands of companies on a blockchain network, and thus, the verification process is made more convenient. Due to blockchain technology and the automated process, the risk of fraud and error is eliminated. Manual verification is more tedious and time-consuming and does not guarantee accuracy.

You can contact us for more information about our tech-driven employee verification process. Let us assist you in choosing the right workforce to grow your business.


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