Big and small companies conduct background checks to ensure that they hire the right candidate who can be relied upon. Many candidates all around the globe have the habit of exaggerating their capabilities and salaries in their resumes to secure a better opportunity. It becomes hectic and troublesome for companies when the wrong candidate is hired, and problems start after the induction has been done. Thus, employee background verification is necessary for companies to check the employee’s background.

What is Employee Background Verification?

The method of verifying an applicant’s background for trustworthiness is known as employee background verification. Hiring an inefficient employee can be detrimental to the company and may even destroy the company’s reputation.

Information Technology is a fast-growing sector, and the country has started relying on it more and more. IT consulting organisations need many employees, and therefore, the need to ensure that all of them are genuine becomes essential. Multinational companies have a strict employment background verification process to ensure that every new joinee is thoroughly checked. Background checks are even more relevant in today’s highly competitive world. IT enterprises work with confidential information which has to be shared with employees, and therefore hiring a trustworthy and reliable candidate is absolutely necessary. Any mistake in recruiting the wrong candidate can lead to severe damage, resulting in the theft of information and fraud.

After managing complex IT hiring processes, it becomes challenging for businesses to pay attention to checking the background of every single employee, especially as employment verification is a long process involving a lot of documents. Therefore, companies often hire the best background verification companies to conduct employee background verification. It saves time and effort, and companies can focus on more important jobs.

For employee background verification, things such as an employee’s previous employment records, salary details, criminal records, educational qualifications, credit rating, reference contacts, address proofs, and other information are checked.

Things to Consider for Employee Background Verification

Here is a list of things that background verification companies check for conducting employee verification.

Employment Record

It is something that most companies check. The previous employment record tells a lot about the employee’s overall performance, efficiency, and behaviour in his previous workplace. It is a significant background verification process. It involves checking the candidate’s job title and responsibilities in the previous company, his/her conduct, the last salary drawn, and performance. His weaknesses and strengths can also be known, and therefore it would be easy to comprehend how fit he/she is for the role. Such information is directly taken from the employee’s direct supervisors.

Academic Qualifications

Companies also ask an applicant for their educational certificates and degrees. It is one major area where frauds are committed as fake degrees and certificates are produced by candidates, making tall claims. Many companies recruit employees based on a specific cut-off percentage. This practice is most prevalent in the case of freshers, as their previous work experience cannot be used to judge them. Background verification companies authenticate a certificate or a degree directly from the source, that is, the educational institution. IT companies check educational background without fail as the job position requires skilled professionals capable of the position.

Criminal History

To know a candidate fully, companies check the applicant’s criminal record from court history and law enforcement organisations. Some businesses even check white-collar offenses before recruiting an applicant.

However, a company cannot assess a candidate without their approval. Moreover, if the verification results have a negative outcome and the applicant is rejected on such a basis, the recruiter should justify the rejection in the form of a written report and state the reasons for the rejection.

Credit Rating

Credit rating depends on the credit history of a person. Banks use credit ratings to judge the risk of giving loans to an individual. Companies examine credit ratings to determine whether a candidate has been involved in any instances of fraud. As a result, a candidate can lose an opportunity due to poor creditworthiness, resulting from unethical behaviour.

Employment verification companies use background screening software and computerised programs to gather data and information. It depends on the IT company whether or not to recruit a candidate after gaining data about them.

Civil Misconduct

Civil offence records are checked to see whether the applicant has had any record of civil misconduct or wrongdoing. It reflects the personality of the candidate and is crucial for employee background verification as it gives insight into how the candidate is likely to behave on the office premises. This check includes incidents that have been decided in a civil law court, such as destruction of property, felony, civil theft and other crimes. Cases of civil misbehaviour are also considered.

Repute is one of the top background verification companies that help IT firms to conduct employee background verification smoothly. We have thousands of companies and organisations connected on a blockchain network which aids in faster, more accurate background verification processes. Checks can be conducted swiftly within minutes, and the source can verify the information directly.


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