Employment background checks refer to the process of verifying the employment history of a job applicant with ex-employers. In his/her career, a person might come across several professionals who understand the necessity of employment verification, and at the same time, many who do not even know that such types of services are available in the industry.

Comprehensive background verification of past work history can help reveal insight into the applicant’s stability and loyalty to an employer, as well as their skills.

Nowadays, background verification has become a critical onboarding process. Multiple cases have been found where an employee has provided fake information like incorrect tenure with a previous employer, wrong salary details, or even invalid titles to get a better opportunity. Thanks to detailed employee verification using employment verification companies, businesses can easily track the correct records of a new hire which ultimately helps them get the right and trustworthy talent in the organization. It is believed that companies can enhance the competency of an individual by training them, but integrity cannot be taught. It comes from within. So if a business hires a person who lacks integrity, it can put the whole organization in danger.

In this article, we would like to highlight five key elements that every professional must keep in mind during their work-life, which can negatively impact their employment verification in the future.

Five Things You Need to Know About Employment Verification

  • Always provide correct information to the new company

The information that a job applicant offers to the new employer plays a very significant role in employment verification. Always remember that every piece of information provided by an applicant could be used during the employment verification. It includes total experience, job title, job role, reasons for leaving, last drawn salary, reporting manager, and contact details of the previous employer. Any incorrect information provided to an organization may cause candidates further problems.

There could be instances where some candidates might have taken a break in their career for valid reasons. In such instances, it is always recommended to tell the truth rather than provide incorrect information or fake documents as it may lead to losing another great opportunity. Similarly, even if the last drawn salary in the previous organization is less, one should mention it correctly and provide solid reasons why their expectations are high by justifying their skill set rather than providing wrong details.

  • Stick to the employer policies

Policies are created within organizations to ensure a uniform code of conduct among all employees. However, while working in an organization, it may happen that some employees do not follow some policies- for example, they may be opting for leaves too often, may not be adhering to the required leave application process, or being undisciplined about the number of hours spent at work. Such things may not matter in their current organization. However, once a person joins a new organization that is process-oriented, he/she may get in trouble. The feedback they receive via the employment verification process may not be so positive, due to past carelessness. Any misses taken casually earlier could become roadblocks now.

  • Understand all the terms and conditions of the employment carefully

It is a common procedure that at the joining time, people avoid reading through the documents provided to them carefully, and they simply sign every document provided in their joining kit. But this is not a good practice to follow. It is recommended that one must carefully read through every document before signing it.

In addition, it is necessary to know all the terms and conditions of employment so one can adhere to them easily. Nowadays, it is pretty common for organizations to give a lot of importance to diversity and inclusion, harassment, code of conduct, IT security, etc., and without proper knowledge of all the rules and regulations, one can easily land up in a problematic situation.

  • Maintain a good rapport with everyone

One’s misbehavior at one company can easily impact their future jobs as it may reflect in the background checks performed by employment verification companies even after many years. It is recommended to maintain and ensure a good rapport with everyone working around you.

The way one communicates with other persons, including seniors, juniors, and peers- reflects the kind of person they are. No one would like to hire a person who is notorious for his/her misconduct. A person with good behavior, who is polite, communicates with others nicely, is a good listener, is always appreciated and admired by everyone. So always maintain good behavior and refrain from getting into any sort of conflict.

It does not matter how technically sound people are, if they are unable to behave well, they cannot grow. Their conduct and ethics play a huge role in their growth within a current organization as well as in any future company, so it is recommended to maintain a good rapport with everyone.

  • Never break any employment agreement

Most of the organizations ask their new joinees to sign an employment contract that generally contains clauses around Non-disclosure, non-compete, separation clauses, and a few more terms and conditions to safeguard an organization’s interest.

One must carefully follow the contract terms and understand the significance of the same. Also, it is recommended to have a clear understanding of the new job role.

How Repute Can Help?

Being a blockchain-based talent network, Repute can be trusted for managing a business’s onboarding processes. We are helping not only domestic businesses but also international corporations to create an ecosystem wherein both employers and employees build trusted relationships and achieve desired results. Contact us today for all your background checks to protect your business and its reputation.


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