While hiring employees, it is important for companies to conduct thorough background checks. This ensures that the hiring company does not incur any losses in the process of hiring or lose out on the precious time they invest in a candidate. After an applicant goes through the interview process and gets selected for a specific job role, they may have to wait before the company extends the offer letter. This is because Employee background verification is being done by the company to check whether the information provided by the candidate is true. 

Background screening shows whether a candidate is suitable for the position in question. It becomes a difficult and tedious task for companies to conduct employee background verification by calling up the previous companies and organizations to verify the information. Thus, companies should hire employee background verification companies in India to make the verification process smooth and hassle-free. 

What is Employee Background Verification?

It is the process of checking the authenticity of an employee’s work experience and history, criminal records, commercial and financial records to ensure that details provided by him/her at the time of applying for the job are consistent & genuine. Employee background verification should be done every time a company hires a new employee. With so much competition in the market to secure a single position, the company must select the best candidate. Background screening helps with this. 

Digital copies of Aadhar card, PAN card, and other identification records, such as driver’s license, voter ID, academic performance records, and court records have made it convenient for companies to conduct the verification process. With so much data available online, it gets bewildering for companies to look for the right information about candidates. When sorting profiles and selecting the right candidate, companies need to be attentive to every detail. 

Not having proper time and resources to conduct a background search, might be disadvantageous to the company and cause huge losses after hiring a fraud employee. Therefore, an organization should appoint employee background verification companies in India to look after the screening process thoroughly, while the management can focus on the other aspects. The professional background verification experts know how to conduct the screening process accurately while abiding by all rules. 

Need for Background Screening

When an applicant is shortlisted, it is necessary to check whether the claims put forth by an applicant are true. It is necessary to check the education details, qualifications, resume, previous experience, and financial records to ascertain that a candidate is not lying about his/her skills and work experience. Often applicants tend to exaggerate their work experience in the resume to increase the chances of getting hired. 

A company hires an employee so that they can manage their operations and expects him/her to contribute to its growth effectively. But if an organization onboards someone inefficient, it may cost both time and money. This is why employee background verification plays a significant role in selecting a fair applicant. 

What Should be Included in the Background Verification Process?

Companies go through various steps to check the background of an employee. Employment background verification companies in India run checks on a candidate’s history, credit score, criminal records, personal profile, and professional license.

  • Companies need to verify the history of the candidate as claimed by them. There are numerous cases where discrepancies have been found in the resumes. If an incompetent candidate is hired, he/she may inhibit the work productivity of the company. Social media profiles of applicants are also checked for background verification. However, before initiating a background check, an employee needs to be informed by the company that a pre-employment check is necessary to take the hiring process further. 
  • Criminal records of candidates are also checked as a part of the screening process. There are two types of crimes: major and minor. Companies must mention how they want their employees to behave and make the organization’s values clear. Any criminal record hampers the overall productivity and reputation of the company. Any record of theft or fraud should be carefully looked into. 
  • Companies should also look into the credit score of the employee. A credit score is the most important requirement for banks to issue loans like personal or home loans. An applicant’s credit-to-debt ratio can be obtained from the credit score. Companies in the finance sector conduct a credit score check to ensure that an applicant has no previous record of theft and fraud. However, companies should have written consent from the applicant to check his/her credit score, and if he/she gets rejected on this basis, the company needs to provide solid ground. 
  • Companies also run a personal background check. Many companies have their own artificial intelligence-powered software to do these checks. Individuals can run a screening check on themselves and see what employers are seeing about them if their name appears in any public database, civil or criminal and others. However, companies cannot conduct a background check on one’s religion, caste, race, and so on. 
  • Professional licenses are necessary for certain jobs, and employee background verification companies in India also inspect the license to check its authenticity. The state licensing board is contacted to ensure whether a license under consideration is still valid. Professionals who require a license include doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, contractors, drivers, architects, and so on. 

Repute helps companies to run employee background verification so that the employees they hire are capable of the position they have applied for. Applicants should be careful about the information they provide so that companies do not reject them owing to any mismatch in the data. Digital technology has made the employee background verification process more convenient, and nothing escapes the rigid inspection, ensuring that firms hire the right candidate.


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