The Repute Network is the foundation for a trust and transparency driven HR management system- one that gives users the power to execute complex hiring tasks- from releasing the right offers, to background verification and onboarding, in a simple, speedy and secure manner. 

We’re committed to building a secure platform that establishes digital trust at scale. At the same time, we want to ensure that we are constantly listening to and working on feedback from our partners and users, so that their transition to the Repute ecosystem is effortless & straight-forward.

We made a note when our partners said they love Repute, but would like to see the integration process made simpler, to reduce the dependence on their tech team’s bandwidth. And so, our engineering teams worked tirelessly to come up with the Repute HRMS Adapter.

With Repute HRMS Adapter, the effort to build APIs to plug into the network by your engineering team is now ZERO. You can get started on the Repute Network within a few hours! This makes it so much easier to integrate with your HRMS platform. 

What you get with this new feature: 

  • Minimal Effort: With our HRMS Adapter, your teams need to make no  effort to build APIs. We’ve got that bit covered. 
  • Lightening Fast: You can complete integration with our network in less than 2 hours. Our HRMS Adapter has saved you over 7 days of solid development effort!
  • Total Data Privacy: We give you complete control over your private data. Repute does not have any access to your data, and it is not stored on our servers. 

How Does the Repute HRMS Adapter Work? 

Our Zero-Code API allows you to seamlessly plug in to the Repute Network, and solve for client requests in real-time.

reputeRepute HRMS Adapter Guarantees Total Security and Privacy

Repute HRMS Adapter runs within your HRMS firewall, thereby ensuring complete data privacy. Repute will have no access to your private data. 

  • Flexibility to Make Your Own Adapter Binary: HRMS Adapter code will be available for review along with the build scripts so that the HRMS platform can also build the adapter binary on their own if required
  • Completely Secure Data: Since the Adapter application will be running within the HRMS firewall, Repute does not have access to any data private to the HRMS platform
  • Added Security Token: The API would be accessible only with the secure Authentication Token
  • Transactional Audits: Audit logs for each data request are provided for complete accountability
  • Whitelisted Solutions: Company level whitelisting is supported for the clients of HRMS platforms, to ensure a completely native experience

Isn’t this great ? We can’t wait for you to try it!

Contact us to get started on the Repute Network. 

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Joy · February 25, 2022 at 12:50 pm

This is great

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