Before appointing an employee, companies need to check their background to be on the safer side. The reputation of a person speaks a lot about the behaviour of a person and how a company can benefit from him or her. Moreover, all claims asserted by employees about their past work experience should be verified. Employment verification companies help businesses run a background check of their employees before induction into the company.

If a company recruits someone without running a background check, potential issues might occur after the end of the recruitment process. This might damage the reputation of the company. Many times, a firm has to face losses in terms of time, money and resources, if a person employed turns out to be a fraud. A company shouldn’t have any doubts while recruiting a candidate.

However, background verification processes followed traditionally have not been able to incorporate digital advancements, due to which all aspects of background verification are not accurately covered. Therefore, employers should place their trust in companies that have experience in digital employment verification in India.

Overview of the Hiring Process Conducted by Companies

As soon as a candidate gets selected, companies ask for records & papers and references from the previous companies to run a background check. During this period, the candidate has to wait before formally receiving the offer letter. This can make them impatient, and they might start looking for other opportunities.

For the company that runs the background check, it gets hectic and time-consuming. It all depends on how fast the past employers are responding to calls and giving feedback on time. Candidates need to be careful to keep their salary slips and produce proper documents when asked. The verification process might take up to 1 month.

Sometimes after joining an employee might be fired on grounds of providing false documents and information at the time of hiring. For a company, running a background check can be a tedious process, and therefore, they need to engage employment verification companies that can conduct real-time verification within a few days. This way, the company can hire employees immediately without having to wait longer or being under pressure to fill a position immediately.

Importance of Verification

Employment verification in India carried out by trusted employment verification companies like Repute before induction into the company is really important. Since any organization looks forward to expanding its business over time, it needs to hire employees who are efficient and productive. A company would never want to hire someone who has a poor track record or who exaggerates his/her roles and responsibilities in the previous company, skills, or qualifications. With so much competition in the market, only a deserving candidate fit for a specific role should be hired to avoid any losses in the future.

Candidates often mention wrong information in their resumes to attract employers and elevate the chances of getting hired. Many resumes on the job portal contain discrepancies in terms of education, qualification, and past experiences. Such candidates are not aware of the fact that the background verification process might take away the chances of them getting hired. Companies nowadays hire employment verification companies that are armed with modern and advanced technology to run screening checks of candidates. Such technology will surely bring out any information which is at variance from what has been provided by the candidate. Employment verification in India is an important step to ensure that the recruitment process bears fruitful results.

Advantages of Digital Verification

Employment verification in India is very important, given the need for companies to hire promising candidates. Employers can directly access the data related to an employee from the employment data repository, which is maintained by the HR or payroll department. This repository has all the information related to an employment duration with the company, position, salary, previous experience, and job role.

This information is reliable and comes directly from the source, which ensures its credibility. Technology allows this information to be accessed in real-time, saving many hours of tedious manual work.

When real-time data is available, it saves time to conduct verification processes manually. The data can be accessed throughout the day, and businesses do not need to wait for the screening process. Secure access to this data can be provided to verifiers through the internet, while privacy can be maintained with proper consent. This repository of information does not require any field checks.

Digital verification, conducted by employment verification companies, allows the HR department to be free from responding to calls from other companies and organizations for background verification. Availability of data online can be beneficial to companies as they can make informed decisions within a short period by looking at the employee history. They can calculate the profit of employing the candidate and allay any risk associated with the new employee. This way, the cost of recruiting an employee can be saved and not go to waste, and businesses can have the HR team focus on more important tasks than attending verification calls.

Why Hire Professionals?

Professional employment verification companies like Repute have proved their expertise in the screening and onboarding process and have delivered accurate identity information to many companies availing its services. Corporates might find it difficult to go through the long process of screening, and it might be time-consuming, which might keep the recruitment process on hold. The data collected by our professionals can be trusted, and companies can go ahead with the recruitment process smoothly and efficiently.


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