Businesses want to hire reliable and smart employees to get an edge over their competitors. However, the main challenge they face is how they must go about getting the very best talent onboard. Hiring an employee is not a cakewalk and is considered one of the most critical elements for any business that aims to grow. It is a process that requires a lot of time, effort, and financial resources. There could be devastating consequences for businesses if they hire unqualified people or people who don’t fit into the work culture.

Here are some of the specific steps that businesses can consider to hire smart employees and avoid unqualified people.

  • Including all the necessary details in your job requirement

The first step in the hiring process is posting a job description. It has to have all the details related to the job role, or else it will fail to attract the right candidates. Avoid making the job posting unnecessarily lengthy. Remember that the ‘Needs-Supplies’ fit (what the organization can supply to meet an applicant’s needs) approach delivers better applicants than the  ‘Demands-Abilities’ fit (what abilities and skills the organization demands of candidates).

  • Using the power of social media

Social media savviness is an attractive trait for a company. Following a digital culture and posting job vacancies on social media platforms can help them attract the right candidates. Companies can easily leverage social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram for finding candidates that suit their requirements. In addition to this, they need to make sure that their website is mobile-friendly, as most people use smartphones to search for jobs these days.

  • Checking the applicant’s behavioral traits

Soft skills are quintessential and must be prioritized by HR managers since they reflect how a person can handle complex social situations. No doubt that knowledge and experience are crucial for any position, but the behavior patterns are harder to change.

  • By checking the applicant’s social media

The trend of conducting employment verification in India for job applicants is not new and was there even before the inception of social media. Today, most people are active on social platforms. This can be a great opportunity to get necessary information about an individual applying for a job. This can give you a clear idea of the applicant’s interests & personality.

  • Financial background check

A comprehensive financial background check not only includes information like name, address, previous names but also reveals the debt amount the job applicant has while applying. This includes information related to education loans, credit cards, mortgages, and car payments, along with the prospect’s payment history. However, it is necessary to get the job applicant’s written authorization before performing this check.

How to Choose a Background Verification Company?

One might think that performing background verification on someone requires many obstacles to overcome. However, modern technology-backed background verification companies in India have greatly simplified this process by providing complete and genuine results in a relatively short time. So the real problem lies in selecting a reliable background check company among a plethora of options.

While searching for the best employee background verification company, consider the following points:

Consider your perfect score: Before proceeding with the verification services, companies should first evaluate what they want to accomplish or determine from the background verification. Do they want to conduct a basic background check or create a more detailed profile of their job applicants? Want to know more about a candidate’s financial history, whether they have any criminal record, or what sort of education certificates they hold? Companies should have a proper guideline about their requirements and what they want to achieve with the check. This allows them to measure or compare offers of different services against their requirements.

A complete range of services: Despite the words on the streets,  background verification is not typically a stand-alone service. The results of the investigation arrive from a combination of methods, such as phone lookups, contacting universities, and other relevant sources. Some background verification companies only offer a limited range of services,  but the most reliable companies always offer the widest possible catalog.

Thorough research: Not every employment history verification company will be as diligent in their research as one might hope. Some may not have access to a large amount of data, while others may try to speed up results, and therefore have issues with accuracy. However, the best employment verification company in India will provide you with detailed and accurate results based on calculated research.

Accurate and understandable reports: For a hiring manager, the final report helps decide the selection of a candidate. Companies receive a document detailing all the information that a background verification has uncovered. However, issues arise with the quality, level of detail, and readability of these reports. It is, therefore, necessary for an organization to seek out a background check company that can provide easy to understand, accurate, and readable information.

Useful Dashboard: Nowadays, most background check companies provide an online dashboard for hiring managers to manage their searches, reports, and other data. However, the useability and quality of dashboards can vary significantly. Therefore, it is best to select a company that provides a simple, intuitive to use and well-designed dashboard.

Smartphone Apps: As more and more companies shift their work online, the ability to manage background verification over smartphones is becoming increasingly important. The top background verification companies now offer mobile apps for easy information processing to clients, which provides much of the same functionality as their web services.

As a one-stop resource for employee background verification, Repute Network has all the capability and infrastructure to verify a potential recruit. The process of background verification is necessary considering the surprising rise in the number of false claims done by candidates during their interviews.


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