In the last couple of years, companies’ modus operandi for carrying out operations has changed. After the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, a significant number of skilled workers in India started working remotely to follow social distancing or self-quarantine. This transition to a new working culture is expected to remain for a longer duration as the majority of Indian firms are thinking of continuing with remote work settings for the days to come.

The IT industry faced several challenges during the nationwide lockdown when people across the world began using technologies and applications to get their work done, more than ever. All of a sudden, school, work, fitness classes, doctors’ appointments, and social gatherings took a digital turn. To support this rapidly increasing trend of reliance on technology, numerous IT companies began hiring more and more tech graduates.

With the rise of dependency on the Internet, finding the right qualified candidate for an organization has become more important now than ever. Employee background verification can help companies find suitable candidates while prioritizing trust and safety.

According to a study conducted by SCIKEY (a digital marketplace for jobs), India’s IT sector witnessed substantial growth in hiring in 2020. This happened because IT professionals develop products and provide services essential to keep the remote working culture going and growing. This substantial increase in tech job postings during the pandemic has turned the table from an “employer-centric market” to an “employee-centric market,” with the requirements of tech candidates being more extensive than ever.

So, how can companies use comprehensive employee background verification to find and hire the most deserving candidate? In this article, we are going to mention five components that can help companies develop a robust background check program that is on par with their values and needs.

How to Make Informed Decisions:

Firstly, search for the top employee background verification companies that provide customized background screening services and other relevant information that suits your business needs. Information technology companies often struggle to verify that each candidate they want to hire can fulfill job requirements, is highly skilled, and has a solid knowledge base. It is seen that many people lie on their resumes to get a job. Such applicants can easily exaggerate their skills, education qualification, position held, or prior experiences. Such false information can harm the reputation of companies and their performance.

To eliminate risks related to hiring an unqualified person, organizations can partner with any employment verification service providers that cater to their specific industry needs. Solid background checks can help companies verify that your new joiner has the proper college education, skills, and experience that they claim.

Global reach with solid compliance expertise

Companies working in the IT sector usually operate in multiple cities, states, and countries. From the legal and compliance perspectives, hiring, recruiting, and screening applicants become more complex across regions and global jurisdictions. Employee background verification requirements vary domestically and internationally according to the laws of the land. This is why multinational corporations need to stay ahead of the curve by addressing the constantly evolving landscape of rules and regulations that comes with international hiring. IT companies are constantly searching for the same seamless candidate experience regarding background verifications, both domestically and worldwide.

A secure employee background verification company in India will allow organizations to remain compliant and focused on global markets. It is recommended to search for a verification service provider that can extend its services globally in the same comprehensive and diligent framework while addressing the needs of various jurisdictions, including local, state, national, and global.

Employees and use of Social Media

Nowadays, the global use of social media is staggering for both companies and individuals. The number of social media users in India and the hours they spend on different social platforms are increasing day by day. With the rising popularity of social media, companies are now considering it an integral part of the hiring process.

A proper social media check using background verification companies can help businesses avoid hiring individuals who display derogatory or discriminatory behavior regarding race, disability, sex, religious beliefs, and gender. This way organizations can prevent hiring any inappropriate candidate and advance towards establishing a well-deserving workforce.

For an excellent onboarding  experience

After the interview phase, background verification is the next step, wherein a candidate interacts with the company’s representative. The overall background check experience allows them to form an opinion regarding the organization’s working culture and values. With a comprehensive background check, firms can use a personalized approach to reflect a positive, efficient, and soothing experience. With the help of the right verification company, background verification can be seamless, timely, and convenient instead of becoming a nuisance.

The Bottom Line

As the number of candidates grows, robust, efficient, and compliance-focused background verification can help companies choose the most qualified candidate and create a safe and responsive workplace. Modern IT companies are known for their data-oriented landscape, and any data breach may harm their reputation. This is why partnering with a reliable employee background verification company in India is essential.

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