To prevent any fraud while hiring candidates, the demand for employment verification in India is exponentially increasing. Many senior managers have been caught on account of fake credentials and employee fraud. Without proper regulations and management of background verification, companies risk their reputation. Screening numerous applicants and carrying out verification of the information stated in their CVs can be laborious. In today’s day and age, many companies facilitate employment history verification by saving time as well as money in the long run. They make use of the latest technology like cloud computing, data analytics, biometric devices, and many others to eliminate the chances of any error in the employment verification process. 

When technology is used during background screening, it offers a number of advantages. It has altogether revolutionized the method of conducting background checks, making new hiring a less labor-intensive task. Therefore, it’s now time for background verification companies to shed the conventional methods and adopt new ways for quick and reliable results.

Here are a few ways in which technology will benefit employment history verification


In large organizations like Google or Microsoft, where there are thousands of applicants, it’s impossible to do background screening manually as the process could take months. However, using a reliable online platform, companies can minimize the time in background verifications.

For Example- India’s no.1 platform Repute is used by many companies for background verifications. All they need to do is simply send a request on this platform for verification of a new hire. Once this is done, they receive his/her records without any hassles, in a matter of minutes. Repute is using automated software that saves a lot of time and effort at the same time. 

Safe & Secure Data

As employers, companies have the responsibility of protecting their employees’s personal and professional data. Isn’t it? Yet, at times, some particular employee data needs to be shared between companies on account of background verifications. And, when the information is shared via secure online platforms, companies always take the consent of the person whose verification is going to happen. The data is shared between the firms through end-to-end encryption. 

This way the information is shared with the utmost care, and this can be possible only with the latest technology. HR managers can securely share the data using technology and ensure that data does not fall into the wrong hands at any cost. 

Accurate & High-Quality Employment Verification

When employment history verification is done manually, there are high chances of data mishandling. For example- while verifying the criminal record of an employee manually, some details may get overlooked or missed out. But when HR managers conduct employment verification in India via technology, results are automated to ensure accuracy and better quality. 

APIs Integration

The introduction of APIs in companies allows for using HRMS systems that enable online background verification requests. Not just this, organizations can request submission of required documents, track the progress of verification for each candidate, and enroll the selected employees to another system such as attendance or payroll in a simple manner. 

End-to-End Automation

Technology automates the process of background verification. When an employee fills up the online application on the company’s portal, all information gets updated automatically on the employee screening platform. Now, HR must only go through the ongoing verifications and collect the results online. In other words, technology has made employment verification in India a cakewalk.

Full Access to Data Repositories

While verifying the criminal record of an employee, technology helps HR to go through the negative database. Subsequently, this negative database helps enterprises in selecting only those candidates who have clean records. 

Better Working Environment

Using technology in employment history verification improves the work environment to a large extent. It ensures that the company hires high-quality and skilled employees in the company.

Repute- No.1 Leading Employment Verification Company in India

Repute is one of the best online platforms for employment history verification, that aims to let companies not only know their stakeholders but also trust them. When it comes to background screening, they enable you to perform verification in an automated process rather than manually. The platform enables recruiters to build customized onboarding forms via drag & drop features. So, all HR teams need to do is simply send a form link to candidates, and that’s it. For more information, you can contact their sales team online & get more insights into their business. 

Final Thoughts

A large number of companies have faced financial and goodwill losses, due to a lack of thorough employment verification processes, over the past few years. That is why employment verification in India is gaining popularity. The verification involves a tremendous amount of data, and for corporations, it is a perplexing task to handle such a huge amount of data. 

Now enterprises are moving to using technology, proprietary databases, and platforms for employee verification that enable them to hire trusted candidates and operate confidently. Technology and data intelligence can help organizations filter out the disloyal, inefficient, and unskilled candidates. 

Don’t risk your company’s reputation by appointing the wrong candidate. It’s time to protect your company from employee fraud and start initiating background verification from today by contacting Repute.

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