Technology is impacting every aspect of our lives, and most vividly our work environment and work methods. As I think about the future of work, I imagine CSI-like fancy work stations where an employee who means business punches in her query on her computer, and ta-da! She finds everything she needs in microseconds!

If only this extended to real life, and more so in the employee background verification (BGV) domain. Wouldn’t that be a field day at work for all HR executives! What HR teams are toiling with instead, are legacy practices that are inefficient, often inaccurate, and wildly frustrating.

It is quite unfair that in this digital age, HR executives are forced to rely on tedious manual BGV methods that could last from anywhere between 3 days to even a month, and yet don’t give a 100% guarantee on accuracy.

But what if we told you that there is a way to make your background verification process a LOT more efficient? And by that, we mean driving down BGV time from 5 days to just a few minutes! Let us elaborate.

Meet Repute’s WorkVerify- the smart new way to go about BGV checks- which uses blockchain technology for instant background verification. Repute has built a network of HRMS platforms using the principles of trust and transparency to transform the way HR teams verify data about potential hires.

Let us consider an example.

Organization A is looking to hire Mr. X, who was previously working for Organizations B and C. Organization A logs on to the WorkVerify App sitting in their HRMS platform, and sends a BGV query to organizations B and C. These organizations see an incoming request in their HRMS platforms, and simply approve the data at the click of a button. They could also opt for auto-verification, if they like.

Organization A is happy as they have received their verified data quickly. Organizations B and C are happy that they could cater to the request as easily as that. And all of this is done with the consent of the data owner, i.e., Mr. X. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Repute’s WorkVerify, therefore, revolutionizes your BGV process in the following five ways:

  • It makes BGV uber-fast

From an average of a 3–5-day window, the verification process is shortened to just a few minutes.

  • It automates tedious processes

HR teams save hundreds of hours of manual work involved in identity and employment verification. Lesser manual work improves employee satisfaction too!

  • It keeps getting better

As the WorkVerify technology continues to show merit, more and more HRMS platforms are coming on board, further enhancing the effectiveness of our WorkVerify App.

  • Best in class data privacy

Blockchain technology ensures all employee data shared on the Repute Network is 100% safe, and there is no centralized ownership of the data by any single party.

  • Effortless implementation

Repute’s team of trained engineers ensures that you can get on to the network easily, with minimal commitment from your tech resources.

It couldn’t possibly get any better!  Get in touch with the Repute Team to get WorkVerify for your HR teams.

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