Companies providing delivery services can suffer from losses, overdue loans, and traffic fines due to poor employee background verification. But, these can be avoided in the first place if proactive measures are taken. In this article, we will discuss how to quickly and efficiently perform a background verification of employees of the transportation service as well as what to pay special attention to and which employment verification services to use.

Whenever we rent logistics or transport services to transport goods, we want them to be delivered at the right time and at the right place. Usually, we do not consider the background of the delivery agents providing these services. This responsibility lies on the human resource managers who hire the staff.

Delivery companies have a complicated hiring checklist to ensure they remain profitable. Firstly, they need to find a delivery agent for a fairly low price. Secondly, he must be reliable and trustworthy so that he will deliver the parcel to the right person without any discrepancies. Moreover, he should honestly fulfill all his duties and obligations without resorting to fraudulent activities.

How to Verify the Employee of the Trucking Service?

To avoid collaborating with scammers or hiring unskilled workers, trucking organizations must perform a full screening of the candidate using employee background verification companies in India. Companies should perform a comprehensive background check on their future employee so that travel and goods transportation can become safer, and the company’s confidence in the employee becomes firmer.

Criminal Verification

Firstly, the human resource manager should ensure that the person sitting in front of him is the same person he claims to be. An individual can use fake documents to hide from the law and enforcement agencies. If the future delivery agent has criminal records, companies should refrain from hiring him.

How to Check

To validate if the document is real and find out the truth about the person’s criminal background, businesses need to contact background verification companies. Companies can also leave a request with the police, but then they have to wait for a reply for several weeks.

Verification of the Driving License and Compliance with the Vehicle Category

After verifying the basic documents, companies need to verify the license of the driver. In case, the license of the applicant turns out to be fake, the company can straight away deny the employment. It is not feasible for businesses to put such a person on the driving seat of the delivery truck, compromising the safety of someone else’s property. People without a license should always be kept at bay in the logistics sector.

Another significant factor is experience in driving delivery vehicles. If an individual only knows how to drive a car and has never driven a truck, he can hardly be called a competent delivery agent. Because of his lack of experience, he may lose control and compromise the security of the vehicle as well as load.

How to Check

Thanks to employment verification, companies can easily check the validity of the license and compliance with the category of vehicle by the driver’s license number. Businesses must protect themselves in advance, and avoid hiring an incompetent individual, as it can cost them clients and money.

Checking a Vehicle for a Deposit

If your company hires a person with their vehicle, it’s necessary to check the vehicle for a deposit. Whenever a vehicle is bought on loan, it is pledged to the bank. In case a person fails to repay the loan amount, the banking institution has the right to dispose the vehicle. In addition, the bank can also withdraw the vehicle at any moment.

How to check

By collaborating with background verification companies, businesses can easily find out if the vehicle is pledged or not. This can be done by contacting the banking institution.

Checking Traffic Fines

  • If a person has a large number of fines & dues under his name, this indicates that he is a repeat offender and is more likely to be careless with the wheel and brake traffic rules. Avoiding this check can lead to hiring of an incompetent driver, which can result in loss of clients accumulated over the years.
  • A person with multiple unpaid fines is most likely to be stopped by traffic police offices. In the best-case scenario, the reckless driver will face another fine, and at worst, the vehicle will be confiscated for 15 days or more. In addition, a large number of unpaid fines suggests that the person involved in the delivery of goods is not good at following traffic rules.

How to check

Employment verification companies can easily check for unpaid fines using the driver’s license. If the person fails to pay the fines systematically, this puts up a question on his reliability and work ethic.

Conduct a Full Screening of Future Employees of the Delivery Service

It never hurts to be attentive! If you are running a business, it is a must to perform employment verification on your drivers. Background verification companies can easily help businesses with this.

A comprehensive background report includes the following information:

  • The validity of the driving license.
  • Any debts on the vehicle, arrears on alimony, and fines from the traffic police;
  • Credit report of the future employee and much more.

Background verification companies in India help generate a comprehensive report of the driver and send it to the delivery companies. This way you and your company can safeguard the reputation you have built over a period of time.

You can seek assistance from us right away. At Repute, we have a trained team of professionals carrying out each and every aspect of the background verification process thoroughly. We can provide you with the potential employee’s BGV information in the simplest and fastest possible way.


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