Employee Onboarding challenges can stagnate the growth of a company, and one of the significant roles of the HR department of a company is to ensure seamless onboarding of the new hire. The major onboarding challenge is to conduct all the processes manually, increasing the chances of error and fraud. The employee onboarding process should be aimed at reducing paperwork and improving the employee engagement. This can increase the retention rate by 82% and work efficiency by 70% according to some studies. 

An organization needs to build a solid and impressive first impression on new hires. Businesses can lose a potential employee because their onboarding process is ineffective. This situation can be prevented by hiring the right employment screening services and automating all the manual processes. You can overcome the employee onboarding challenges by automating the processes. 

Challenges of Manual Employee Onboarding

Conducting the employment verification manually is hectic and leaves ample scope for errors. Moreover, it is a time-consuming process making employees wait for a long time before they can be inducted into a company.    

  • Sending Offers Manually

HR departments have to send multiple offers to different candidates with varied profiles and titles. They have to manually make the changes and frame a personalized offer for each candidate, which requires a lot of time. They may often have a lot on their plate, resulting in mistakes and errors that leave a wrong impression on the candidate. 

However, the task can be automated with the right tools, and you can send customized offers to candidates in just a few clicks. This leaves a great impression on the candidate as the offer letter conveys a lot about a company. Moreover, little time is consumed in sending across the offers. The candidate can view the offer on any gadget and send their acceptance digitally. 

  • Instances of Ghosting and Moonlighting

There is no scope for addressing challenges like ghosting or moonlighting with a manual onboarding process. Candidates may often accept offers from multiple companies to secure the best opportunity and might not join your company in the end. Instances of dual employment are also common. 

With automation, such instances can no longer occur, and you can rest assured that the candidate will join your company after accepting the offer. Automation aids in a clear and transparent process while ensuring that the candidate does not indulge in malpractice.  

  • Exchange of Documents

After the candidate has received the offer, certain documents have to be provided by him/her for the employment verification process. He/she had to send the hard copies of documents such as educational qualifications, past employment details, identity proofs, licenses and other documents for the HR department to verify manually. This can result in fraud as the candidate may often forge or fake the documents. Also, mistakes might be committed by human checking. 

However, with Repute’s SmartOnboard platform, candidates can upload the documents manually through Digilocker. The HR department can receive digital copies of documents which are auto-verified..    

  • Manual Verification is a Monotonous and Boring Process

Manual verification of documents is a tedious process and requires a lot of patience. It can also lead to error and fraud, hiring the wrong candidate. Manual verification involves calling the previous company to verify the candidate’s employment history. This is a tedious process, and managers of the previous company might not always respond to phone calls or emails. 

With Repute’s blockchain network, the employment verification process can be automated, and the documents, once uploaded on the platform, can be verified in just a few clicks from the sources. The network connects thousands of companies on a blockchain network, making the BGV process smooth, and this saves an organization time and reduces the risk of errors. 

  • Manual Verification is Time-Consuming, and Errors Might Lead to Hiring the Wrong Candidate

Manual verification requires a lot of time and may involve mistakes. Often the candidates who do not fulfill the required criteria are hired, which decreases the work efficiency and hampers the company’s growth. The brand name also suffers a blow when the wrong candidates are hired. 

Repute offers professional employment screening services to businesses, making the onboarding process easier for them to conduct. We automate the process with our SmartOnboard platform, which connects numerous companies, thus making the employment verification process smooth and error-free. Companies can recruit the right talent and never have to repent for hiring the wrong candidate. 


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