Companies need to be sure of hiring good and reliable employees, as incurring losses on account of inefficient hires is not a viable option. It results in decreased productivity and ruins the brand’s reputation, and it also lowers the morale of the entire organization and increases turnover. According to a Professional Background Screening Association study, about 73% of employers had a documented screening policy, and 94% of employers had executed a background verification.

The Need for a Background Verification

Background verification of employees is carried out before and after the onboarding processes. Two types of background checks are done, pre and post-employment verification. Pre-employment check is done before an employee is recruited, and the post-employment check is done after an employee has been inducted into the organization. A complete background check is necessary to ensure that the claims made by the candidate are authentic and genuine and that the candidate does not impose any threat to the company’s reputation.

A one-time verification before hiring involves authenticating the candidate’s claims on the job application. The post-employment verification may be done after recruiting a candidate on a conditional basis. The position is confirmed after the final verification check has been done, and it discloses all the characteristics and history of an individual in detail.

Certain businesses are in a hurry to fill up their vacant positions, and therefore they recruit candidates before thoroughly verifying their details. Usually, the Human Resource department conducts the employee verifications, and it is done by going through the identity documents and academic certifications. These documents are not verified as strictly as the employee screening services do, due to paucity of time.

The Need for Professional Employee Screening Services

A credible employee screening company like Repute automates the whole verification process and smoothly conducts pre-employment checks and post-employment checks. We verify the data right at the source of the information and avoid the risk of any fraud. Verification checks on the Repute Talent Network can be completed within a short period. There is no scope for any error as Repute verifies all the information through blockchain technology, ensuring that a suitable candidate is selected. The HR department of companies can focus on more crucial tasks. The report generated after the employment verification checks allows companies to make informed decisions.

What Happens in the Case of a Bad Hire?

Bad hires hamper the company’s efficiency and growth. Your clients will also suffer, and there will be unprofessionalism in the workplace, resulting in poor work quality and conflicts within departments. Companies also invest a lot of time and money in hiring a person, and they cannot afford to put their reputation at risk. The income and revenue of the company are also hampered.

Differences between a Pre-Employment Check and Post-Employment Check

  • Pre-employment checks are only for the candidates who have applied for the specified job, but post-employment checks are done on employees of the whole company. Thus, post-employment checks are all-encompassing.
  • Pre-employment checks are done before recruitment, and post-employment checks are done after an employee has joined the company. Moreover, post-employment checks can continue regularly, either semi-annually or annually.
  • Pre-employment checks are completed in three to four days, whereas post-employment checks can run for about seven to nine days.

Emphasis on Pre-Employment Checks

Pre-employment screenings are done to identify candidates who present false information to grab lucrative opportunities. Candidates often lie about their job roles and responsibilities, educational qualifications and degrees, job titles, and salary to match better job offers. Employers mostly do not realize that they waste their time on false resumes that have exaggerated job details and employment dates.

Pre-employment checks are conducted to check the trustworthiness of a candidate’s resume. This kind of verification includes employment history, criminal records, educational qualifications, identity verification, and credit history checks. It makes the hiring process smooth and helps to make correct decisions. Companies can hire deserving candidates and save a lot of time.

Greater Emphasis on Post-Employment Checks

The primary purpose of attaching the more significant weight to post-employment checks is that a candidate with good conduct may not maintain such a clear image for the rest of his/her life. Post-employment screening does the work of measuring the risk levels connected with a specific individual so that the business can efficiently handle those risks. It should be mandatory to conduct criminal checks and credit checks after regular time intervals. Even careful and elaborate checks might ensure that an employee is not working in two companies simultaneously or sharing sensitive data with a competitor.

Employment screening services have found numerous instances in which employees who had joined with a clean record developed criminal records without the employer’s knowledge. Employees need to meet strict deadlines and may even become prey to drugs or alcohol in their situation, and as they become addicts, they do not think about their responsibilities.

Other crimes that might result in terminating the employee may be instances of religious intolerance, domestic violence, exposing trade secrets, sexual harassment, and physical violence against employees. These examinations need to be done in pre-employment and post-employment checks as they vary from individual to individual.

Thus, a complete background screening is necessary, and companies must conduct regular screenings to ensure that the company’s productivity is maintained. Employment screening services conduct checks professionally and provide accurate results within a short span. Therefore, companies should hire professionals like Repute for better screening.


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