Your wallet gets stolen but you don’t get a full-blown panic attack. 

Instead, you’re calm because your wallet did not contain any of those super important documents that all adults are terrified to lose. 

But, how in the world? Well, you can pin your relief on DigiLocker.  

In this post, we want to introduce you to the first step towards paperless living. All so that you don’t have to carry the physical copies of your identity documents on you ever again! 

What is DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is a Government of India initiative launched under the Digital India drive. 

It’s a cloud-based solution that stores all the important documents of a person in one place. 

Simply put, it is a vault on your device where you can store all your valuable certificates & documents, and legally use them everywhere for your KYC requirements. 

Which documents can one store in DigiLocker?

Every Aadhaar holder gets 1 GB of storage free on DigiLocker. 

Using DigiLocker, the user can access documents such as driving license, PAN card, Class 10th and Class 12th marksheets, insurance policies, birth certificates, ration cards etc. As of April 2021, DigiLocker has partnered with 1111 issuers and has issued more than 4.28 billion documents! It boasts of a staggering 61 million people as users. 

Where does DigiLocker fetch all the documents from?

The documents and certificates on DigiLocker are fetched directly from the issuer to the requestor and hence, all the credentials are authentic and verified. 

To pull the documents, you need to fill in the main details such as your driving license number or registration number. 

Why would I want a DigiLocker account?

Safe storage and immediate retrieval of identity documents is paramount if you want to avail many important services or access to products in India.

From entering the airport to driving a vehicle on your own, everything requires you to prove that one, you are who you claim to be and two, you have the required permissions to do what you’re doing. 

Keeping all these documents handy is a task. And I am sure, like us, even you can’t help but misplace a few original documents when you need them the most. It’s enough to give even the most organised of us a serious headache. 

That is why having all the documents in one place, in your device, equivalent to the original copies is a huge life-saver. 

When you carry your documents in digital form, apart from having a lighter wallet, you also avoid the risk of theft. Isn’t that great? So the next time your wallet gets snatched, you wouldn’t have to lose your sleep over parting with your originals all of a sudden. It helps in ensuring that your identity is not in the wrong hands. 

Another great feature of Digilocker includes self-attestation of documents. One can access the documents, e-sign them and submit them to wrap up transactions much faster. 

Are my documents safe on DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is built with all the security provisions necessary to keep your documents & certificates safe.

Here are a few security measures that DigiLocker has employed: 

  1. The app is hosted under ISO 27001 standards that keeps all the data secure
  2. To fetch the documents, users are required to authenticate themselves using Aadhaar details and provide the OTP that they receive on their registered mobile number each time
  3. It uses 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. This means all the information stored in DigiLocker is encrypted. 
  4. DigiLocker also logs a user out when the app detects no activity for extended periods

How do I create an account?

There are two ways to access your DigiLocker account. You can go to the website and create an account here or download the DigiLocker app on your phone. 

To get started, you’d need to fill in your details. You can either sign up by just using your phone number or by providing your Aadhaar number. DigiLocker sends an OTP on the Aadhaar-linked mobile number for further authentication. 

Once the account is created, you can fetch e-documents such as driving license or registration certificate of vehicles by entering license details and other relevant details. 

You can upload scanned copies of your documents (PDF, JPEG or PNG format) and access it anywhere you want. You can also e-sign these uploaded documents, which works like self-attestation of physical documents.


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