For any organisation, human resources make up the primary factor for driving growth and making a venture successful. The importance of a satisfied and motivated workforce has always been recognised by industry leaders all over the world. India however has been slow to pick up on the trend. Employee satisfaction and empowerment were not always at the forefront of management agendas, but the tide seems to be changing in the constantly evolving workforce.

One of the most basic characteristics of a satisfied and empowered workforce is financial wellness. The financial wellness of an employee is of paramount importance as it ensures that the employee feels valued and well-compensated at an organisation. Financial wellness is not only related to compensation, however, but there are also a multitude of services that are a part of it and the options today are ever-increasing Bringing this to practice however is not always an easy task, the fact that there is a deluge of moving parts when it comes to implementing financial wellness services in an organisation is a significant roadblock between employees and financial wellness

Repute and MyShubhLife have recognised this problem and have decided to take a   synergised approach to tackle it. Repute is trying to solve these challenges with its Market Network for the Talent Ecosystem; a network built to provide solutions that reach everyone even in a fragmented setting. The Market Network enables multiple financial services to be accessible to HR teams and employees; all available right within the one platform that is the HRMS. Powered with blockchain, the Network consists of more than 30 thousand organisations and 7 million plus employees and is increasing continuously. MyShubhLife is working to make sure that financial services of all manners are available to the people who need them the most. This consists of the blue-collar workers and many other low-income workers in the country that do not have a financial net to land on when the worst comes through the door.


According to a report; as much as 80% of salaried employees in India run out of their salary before the end of the month. This sheds light on the fact that a monthly salary is not enough for a majority of the Indian workforce to sustain themselves. This is where the Earned Wage Access (EWA) can be deployed for employees to have the compensation that they are entitled to. MyShubhLife provides Shubh Now: Earned Wage Access(EWA) to those who need it the most, focussing not only on the financial wellness of the employees but also the overall employee satisfaction in an organisation. Employers across the country agree that employee experience can be enhanced with EWA, helping with Employee retention and reducing attrition by as much as 25% post-adoption. Along with Shubh Now: EWA, MyShubhLife also provides other valuable offerings such as quick loans, term and health insurance and investments.

Repute has taken this effort a step further with the introduction of Deduction at Source (DaS), a feature that will allow employees to connect their payroll with these much-needed services for direct payouts for financial services. This will make accessing services easy for the employees and all the hassle of payouts is automated for the HR teams.


The partnership between Repute and MyShubhLife is aimed at creating value for both employers & employees in regard to financial wellness and access to financial products. Access to these services would not only help with financial inclusion but will also deliver an objectively better employee experience. With Repute building a more connected and interoperable ecosystem for organisations, MyShubhLife bringing in the financial tools to help employees, the partnership is sure to impact millions of Indian employees going forward.



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