We are thrilled to announce that Repute has partnered with uKnowva, one of the leading HRMS companies, to bring a range of HR team productivity improvements and employee empowerment applications to the users of the uKnowva platform. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in building a decentralised HRMS network.

Key Features of the Integration

HR Productivity Applications for uKnowva users

The Repute marketplace hosts truly innovative applications to increase HR productivity by streamlining and automating processes that have always been done manually by the HR fraternity. One such common process is that of instant Background Verification while onboarding new candidates in an organisation. The Smarter Onboarding app is one such application in the extension that will enable HR managers to completely automate the Background Verification for employees right on their uKnowva platform.

Applications for Employee Empowerment & Wellness

The Repute integration is adding applications to the uKnowva Extension Store across multiple categories and aims to enable Employee Wellness and Empowerment within the organisation. The categories that are being made live with the integration are 

  1. Lending: KreditBee and Fibe are industry leaders when it comes to quick loans and other financial services that can now be accessed by employees directly on their self-service portals. The loan approval process is instant with the Repute integration, loans up to 5 lakhs can be availed in just a few clicks!
  2. NeoBanking: Jupiter is making banking easy by taking care of all the clutter and leaving just the important decisions to the users. uKnowva users can now get Jupiter salary accounts and manage their money like never before. The account comes with amazing benefits such as cashback on all transactions and free health insurance for the account owner.

Upcoming App Categories

Repute is constantly adding more categories of applications to the uKnowva marketplace, upcoming categories include: 

  • Insurance 
  • Rewards & Recognition 
  • Learning and Development 
  • Health and Wellness
  • Performance management 

And much more.

Collaboration for greater business impact

As a company that connects different HRMS systems to enable data transactions among them, we understand the importance of collaboration in the industry. uKnowva’s approach is to provide a complete solution for HR teams to automate and streamline their daily tasks from day one to the last. The extension store apps like Repute add value to the experience promised by the network. It also increases the overall operational effectiveness when uKnowva users will integrate the necessary apps to their networks without extra cost. 

The Repute Integration with its marketplace and multiple categories of applications is adding to the uKnowva user experience where users can now pick and choose services even within a single extension as well. 

uKnowva’s approach to becoming the world’s smartest HR software is by making it easy to use, intelligent, and cost-effective, which aligns with Repute’s goal of driving collaboration amongst stakeholders hence this partnership is something we at Repute are looking forward to. We at Repute are excited to work with uKnowva and harness our synergies for a better experience for every uKnowva user.