At Repute, we have all lived with the dream of establishing an open talent network. We have worked countless hours to bring this dream to life. And as we continue to look at the bigger picture and persist at making the Repute Talent Network better, smarter and stronger, we often end up talking a lot about our vision, the underlying technology, and the possibilities of the Talent Network. But we do understand that as you contemplate joining our rapidly expanding network, you would like to know what exactly the Repute Network can deliver for you, in its current shape and form. So, we’ve put together a list of benefits from the Network that you will find to be immediately useful. We guarantee you, once you’re done reading this list, you’ll wonder how you managed without Repute thus far! 

  • Real time Compensation Insights 

The Repute network uses authentic, verified salary data from our network participants to provide you with accurate, actionable insights on salary benchmarks for the job roles you’re hiring for, categorized by qualifications, professional experience, and other key parameters. The data you get is accurate, and not a guesstimate. This makes sure that the offers you design for your selected candidates are compelling, and are accepted. These insights also help you manage hiring, your regular payroll, salary hikes etc. 

  • Digital Offer Rollouts

With Repute, designing and rolling out offers to your selected candidates is a breeze. Our easy to use platform helps you design your offer from within the dashboard in minutes, and send it over to the selected candidate digitally- via a link delivered through email or text message. The candidate can accept or reject the offer digitally too, or negotiate with the recruiter, from any device, in a few clicks. 

  • Rule Out Candidate Ghosting and Moonlighting

A big challenge faced by recruiters today, especially in the work from home environment, is candidate ghosting and moonlighting. This is a drain of effort, time and money for HR teams, and can cost the organization a lot of damage, as they might end up waiting for the right candidate to join for longer than necessary. With the Repute network, candidates cannot hold multiple offers. They must accept or reject one offer before they can receive another. This gives you clarity on whether an employee who has accepted your offer, will actually join or not. 

  • Smooth Employee Onboarding 

Finding the right candidate and having them on board is all great, but onboarding them sure is a tedious process. Right from collection of their documents, to uploading them on internal systems and manually verifying their authenticity, the process can be time consuming, and often inaccurate despite the effort it demands. With the Repute SmartOnboard App, you can collect all identity documents from your new hires digitally. All you have to do is use the dashboard to define what you need to complete your onboarding, and hit send! The candidate can upload their documents either via DigiLocker, or manually upload them. This takes just a few minutes, saving a lot of time and effort for both parties. 

  • Background and Identity Verification 

Once the candidate submits their identity documents, the Repute Network automatically verifies these documents for you, from dependable data sources like UIDAI, Vahan, and even the Repute network participants. Since the documents are verified from the data sources directly, they are dependable and do not require HR managers to relook at them for authenticity, saving tons of time and eliminating any scope for errors.

This is not all. We have made background checks extremely easy! Once you are on the network, you can seek a candidate’s employment history from their previous employers, in a matter of a few minutes. The dashboard allows you to send a digital BGV request to the previous employer, and the request can be responded to by them, digitally, at the click of a button. This means you don’t need to write emails, make phone calls, and wait for weeks for responses. It’s all quick and easy. 

  • Employee Engagement and Benefits 

Owing to the nature of the platform, the Repute Talent Network is able to provide you with a marketplace of Apps that are beneficial to your employees, delivering standout employee experience and ultimately, higher retention. These apps include insurance, banking, renting and lending, and other fascinating products that employees can avail easily and quickly. Since their identity and background data is already available on the network, the turnaround time for availing these services is much lower. 

Simply put, the Repute Network helps you deliver excellence at every step of the talent life cycle- right from finding the right talent, to bringing them onboard, to engaging with them and retaining them frutifully. Speak to our team to join the Repute Talent Network! Write to us at


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