Employee onboarding is a process in which the relationship between the company and the employee can be established. It results in an enhanced initial employee experience and leads to lesser drop-outs. A seamless HR onboarding process is necessary to create a lasting impression and allows a business to hire and retain the right talent.

Employee onboarding is a tedious process, and companies may find it challenging to handle it all by themselves. It is a prolonged process from rolling out offers to suitable candidates to conducting background verifications. It becomes tedious for both the employer and the employee to wait for long periods. After getting selected, the candidate might have to wait while the hiring company calls up the HR department of the previous employer to cross-check the employment history and other details. The candidate might start to look for other opportunities by getting frustrated with the long wait.

What is Employee Onboarding?

Employee onboarding is the process of integrating new employees with the company smoothly. Businesses can stay ahead of the competition by having a proper onboarding platform. It is instrumental in saving time and provides precision and efficiency. Companies should have an innovative, digital onboarding process so that the scope of manual error is eliminated. With such tools, every step of the HR onboarding process can be automated, and companies can:

  1. Keep track of the hiring and onboarding needs and trends.
  2. Track the onboarding process of all the employees separately.
  3. Have visibility of each step of the digital onboarding process and analyse the data quickly.
  4. Have complete control of employee data in a single place.

All of this can be achieved through a single app, and the HR department of companies can focus on other essential tasks. The entire process can be automated, amplifying the experience of both the employees and the employers. A smart employee onboarding leads to better employee engagement and increases employee retention due to better experience.

Digital onboarding is intuitive for the candidates to follow and ensures that all the data collection, verification and other criteria are fulfilled successfully and hassle-free.

Why Choose Repute’s Talent Network for Employee Onboarding?

Repute facilitates a smooth HR onboarding process and quickens it, ensuring that companies can utilise their time efficiently. Businesses can conduct verification checks for their new hires in a few clicks. Repute’s SmartOnboard lets you collect employee identity data digitally and validate the information directly from the data source or through Repute’s network.

How does SmartOnboard help?

Repute understands the need to recruit the right talent for your organisation. We help you conduct the onboarding process swiftly while ensuring accuracy in hiring-

  • Offers can be rolled out digitally in a few clicks, and they can be customised according to the candidate’s profile. Employees can view the offer on their devices and accept it digitally.
  • A candidate can upload their documents on the application through DigiLocker or scan and upload the documents, which can be authenticated instantly from the most reliable data sources.
  • A candidate’s previous work history can be checked from the network, which helps to make well-informed decisions. Since the information is on the blockchain network, there is no chance of data tampering, and this minimises the scope for any fraud while ensuring data security.

Benefits of Repute’s Digital Onboarding

Repute, a blockchain-based talent network, can completely transform your HR onboarding process. We help you to attract, engage and hire the right talent.

Companies can send out personalised digital offer letters to the selected candidates in a few clicks and get a response immediately from candidates. They can send out multiple offers which saves them a lot of time. Businesses can improve accuracy and efficiency, which is not achievable when the tasks are done manually and can rest assured that they are protected from moonlighting and ghosting. No candidate can accept offers from more than one company, making the hiring process straightforward and transparent.

Candidates can send identity documents conveniently, and businesses can view them with a few clicks. The documents can be uploaded on the digital platform where it is safe from theft, and there is no risk of breach of privacy. The data you possess is well protected and secured. Advanced blockchain technology ensures that the data is protected, and people only with permission to view the data can access it.

The documents sent over by candidates are automatically verified. Companies can access multiple authentic data sources with Repute’s network on a single platform. They can become a part of a broad network by having access to verified data sources from a large pool of organizations. They can quickly verify details related to a candidate’s background and identity, educational certificates and qualifications, previous employment history, bank account verification, etc. The time wasted in conducting verification by calling up previous companies is saved, as thousands of companies are interconnected on a single platform.

Repute offers a reliable, professional employee onboarding platform that ensures a seamless onboarding process. Our network is expanding by the day, increasing its effectiveness, and we ensure trust by building an efficient, secure and inclusive network.


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